NvisionKC recognized as a Winner of the Merit Award in the Retail/Service category by the Kansas Department of Commerce

October 26, 2022

NvisionKC has been awarded a Merit Award for 2022 by the State of Kansas Lt. Governor David Toland for the Kansas Department of Commerce To the Stars: Celebrating Kansas Businesses Awards on October 20, 2022.

According to the State of Kansas, NvisionKC was nominated because it has made a noticeable impact in your community. Their efforts have helped to create job opportunities, deliver products and services, innovate and diversify the local marketplace, build community identity, and more. Their business has demonstrated the tenacity, determination and creativity needed to prosper regardless of circumstance. All of these benefits are worthy of accolades.

NvisionKC was one of the 237 businesses, organizations, and individuals recognized for their efforts in creating job opportunities, delivering products and services, innovating and diversifying the local market, building community identity, and contributing to the community and the state economy.

About NvisionKC

NvisionKC is a professional services and IT consulting company based in Overland Park, Kansas. It focuses on collaboration, process automation, analytics, and software development. As a business owned by minorities and women, their leadership has a unique view and understanding of how to solve problems. The NvisionKC team is made up of passionate, forward-thinking people who work closely with clients and business partners to make the most of technological opportunities. www.nvisionkc.com

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