Erlinda Tjhai-Aydulun

“My company, MindLift, joined the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of KC in early part of 2016. I honestly did not have expectations of an active and lively chamber. Well… was I surprised. Since becoming a member, I’ve made countless connections in the community, be it small business owners like me or representatives from major corporations in the greater KC, through the multiple events that are hosted by AACC. Owning a business means that you cannot afford to isolate yourself. AACC makes it easy for you to make connections with others and be able to contribute in the local Asian American community. If you were an entrepreneur in the making, an established entrepreneur, or someone who just want to tap into the local business folks (Asian or non-Asian), sign up for a membership with the AACC and you will find your membership and participation to be worthy investment.”

juhuiJu Hui Sirithasack

“I joined the AACC because an active, impactful chamber is vital to the health of our community and brings a lot of value to our community. Being an active member has provided me access to effective networks of connectors which has open the doors to new relationships for me personally and professionally for the company I work for. At the end of the day, people do business with whom they trust and the chamber is my connector.”