Gary W. Logan, owner and founder of Synago Consulting, works with folks from every part of life in developing a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the many cultures in which we live and work. We provide assessment tools, workshops, and executive coaching to organizations and individuals who want to become more culturally competent in elating cross-culturally in the educational field, the faith setting, non-profit community development work, and with businesses working globally. Gary, while working in Asia and living in Seoul Korea as well as here in Kansas City, has developed projects, facilitated workshops and presented on CQ-related topics on five continents.

From international managers and their families to multicultural teams, short term mission teams to ethnically diverse neighborhoods, we enable our clients to hit the ground running by taking away the anxiety factor in dealing with a new international assignments or multicultural environment.
Experience and Expertise: 
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Cultural Competency (CC) Skill Development
  • Intercultural communication
  • Cross-cultural conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Global Leadership Development
  • Nonprofit and faith-based program development, organizational structure, and strategic planning

Recent work includes: The Longing for Belonging: Foundations for Creating Authentic Community, Expand Your Borders: Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities in the Workplace, Cultural Intelligence and the Dimensions of Culture, Navigating the culturally diverse workplace: Workforce mobility and what expats and immigrant employees need to know about working in the U.S., Hospitality, Travel, and Culture, Creating Sacred Space: Inclusive Communities of Faith, A Difficult Conversation on Understanding and Managing Unconscious Bias

For more information, contact Gary at (816) 786-5953,, or visit

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