We focus on helping small business owners increase their bottom line by reducing taxes, risks and business expenses.

We have been working with business owners, executives, and families to provide highly customized business and estate planning services. We consort with the best CPA’S, tax attorneys, estate attorneys, and other tax mitigation specialists around the country while focusing on innovative lifelong strategies that will fulfill the business owner’s goals and objectives.

We work with small business owners and professionals who want to:

  • Create an exit strategy or succession plan for their business.
  • Compensate top talent and executives.
  • Group employee benefits.
  • Create tax efficient pension plans and qualified/non-qualified retirement plans.
  • Diversify current assets to deviate concentration of risk.
  • Fund buy-sell agreements.

If you’re interested in any of the above and would like to learn more and schedule a free consultation analysis call, feel free to reach out and connect with us:

Phung Van, Wealth Advisor
Mindy Huynh, Financial Planning
Phone: 316-261-8763
Email: Phung@premierassetsolutions.com
Address: 125 N Market St, Suite 1600, Wichita KS 67202