Modus Light specializes in global manufacturing and supply chain management. Our global operation provides North American companies with a vertical solution to develop, source, manufacture, import, and deliver finished goods.

Modus Light works with hundreds of factories in the Pacific Rim in order to control the supply chain process. We can handle every facet of manufacturing – from the procurement of raw materials, conversion of raw materials, weaving and dyeing, injection molding, hot and cold forging, extrusions, laser cutting, cut and sew, printing, labeling, corrugate, packaging and beyond.

With global operations in China, Taiwan, and the United States, Modus Light, through effective and responsive communication lines, bridges the gap between western and eastern culture and more importantly – business practices. Our supply chain professionals will represent your best interest when in communication with our manufacturing facilities. This is in order to ensure delivery of high quality and cost-effective products.

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