Glam’r Gear

Glam’r Gear™ is revolutionizing the standard of luggage for entertainers. For the first time ever, a rolling luggage/duffel bag comes standard with an adjustable hanging rack, 4-wheels for easy maneuverability, and privacy systems. Glam’r Gear™ is a changing station/solution for competitive dance events, beauty pageants, outdoor entertainers, magicians, cosplay, street/fair vendors, fast pack and go… and more.

This patent-pending model provides more privacy for quick-changes and storing your goods. Entertainers never have to worry about someone peeking inside their bag while using the hanging rack, because it’s zipped up tight! Currently, it comes in two sizes – standard 28″ holds up to 6 costumes and the Large 35″ holds up to 12 costumes.

It began from an idea to help a little competitive dancer feel safe/private during costume changes.

The creators are launching an Indeigogo campaign to manufacture and distribute the Glam’r Gear™ Bags. Backers of the campaign will receive an exclusive discount on the bags. Click Here to see more about the invention. And Click here to be among the first to be notified when the Indiegogo campaign launches. Backers of the campaign can choose from a number of attractive rewards. Perks will be delivered by October 2016.