C2FO is a financial technology company with a mission of ensuring that businesses of all sizes have the working capital they need to grow. Founded in Kansas City in 2008, our technology platform provides an easy, low-cost way for businesses to increase cash flow by receiving early invoice payments from their customers. Over the past decade, we have accelerated payment on more than $110 billion in invoices for companies in over 180 countries. Customers that use our services reduce collection times on their accounts receivable by an average of 26 days.
Named one of Forbes’ “Fintech 50,” C2FO has more than 400 employees worldwide, including 290 at our Leawood headquarters. Our digital platform and early payment programs have been recognized worldwide for the benefits they provide to small- to mid-sized businesses, and the financial health of supply chains. For more information, visit us at www.C2FO.com.