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DuraComm honored with two 2017 American Business Awards as outstanding and innovative company of the year for LED lighting division


Kansas City, MO: (July 6, 2017) DuraComm Corporation’s innovations in LED lighting has recently earned them national recognition with two American Business Awards, according to Benny Lee, CEO. DuraComm received a 2017 Bronze Medallion Award for Company of the Year in the Manufacturing category and a 2017 Bronze Medallion Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year for their LED lighting products and design capabilities.

“Our LED team has developed the only custom software in the LED marketplace which permits the designer and the end user to see exactly how their LED lighting displays will appear in true colors on the interior and exterior of their buildings,” according to Lee. “This is done via a computer presentation before the installation and allows the buyer to make instantaneous modifications. No other LED manufacturer has the ability to do this.”

According to Lee, DuraComm Lighting is the singular designer/suppliers that offers modular type LED products in industrial lighting design which not only looks more appealing in warehouses, and saves energy, too. It also contributes to a more productive working atmosphere. DuraComm Lighting has also announced its new customizable DuraSeries Rule linear LED lighting. The Rule features a low profile with a smooth ambient white light. Available in custom lengths up to eight feet, it is available now for office, home and retail LED lighting applications.

Recently, the DuraComm LED team designed and supplied product for the innovative multi-color LED lighting display for City of Kansas City for their skyline “Space Station” sculptures that continues to be photographed and videoed and appears in national and international media. They also designed and supplied efficient modular LED lighting for sports arenas in several US cities that eliminated glare and spotting, thus permitted the audience, the officials and the players to see the rink more clearly. And, they deigned and supplied LED narrow beam lighting for a grocery store client that illuminated products more evenly and clearly from above for the shoppers to see products and permits the store to make additional sales.

“At DuraComm Lighting are committed to building a brighter and greener world one LED at a time!” Benny Lee, President, DuraComm.

The American Business Awards are presented annually to businesses that represent the most outstanding enterprises in the United States.

DuraComm Corporation manufactures and distributes AC-to-DC switching power supplies used in communications towers and is a manufacturer and supplier of LED lamp and fixture lighting products. The mailing address is 6655 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64131. The website is For more information, contact Benny Lee, (816) 472-5544.


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