Kami Rodgers

Kami Rodgers

Kami Rodgers – Accent Modification Specialist

816-931-4245 | AccentSuccess@gmail.com

Ms. Rodgers comes to Accent Modification from a background of speech, theatre and communication. With a Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre Performance, and as a Graduate of LDS & Associates’ Accent Modification Training Program, Ms. Rodgers is uniquely qualified to merge centuries old theatrical speech techniques with speech pathology based exercises to create a neutral, easily understood American English accent for her clients.

Accent modification offers you skills to be more easily understood by standard American English speakers. With consistent practice and careful listening, you can build strong communication skills to use in any social or business setting where accent might otherwise be an issue. You can do so without compromising the authenticity of your own unique background, heritage or communication style.

Succeed professionally. Succeed personally. Be Clear. Be Heard.

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